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Global Ready China Trainings speak to all Factors of the Tourism, Hotel and Retail Industries.
Our Trainings are available in two Formats: as In-Person Seminars, and as Online Courses.

Culture Training

China Overview

Comprehensive information about China, from its geography, language, and history through to its government and economy.

Modern Day China

China in the 21st century, giving you insights into the general lifestyle of the modern day consumer. This will help you in understanding generally where Chinese people come from and how they shape their views. You will learn the motivations, travel habits and preferences of the Chinese Traveler.

Negotiating Culture

Detailed information about Chinese culture and the fundamental concepts of ‘Face’ (respect), ‘Guanxi’ (connections) and how these concepts affect Chinese behavior, as well as provided an overview on society in terms of collectivism, authority, hierarchy and patriotism. Being aware of these aspects will help you better
understand the Chinese culture for doing business.

Product Delivery

Information outlining the supply chain and how Chinese travelers are moving from group to FIT. You will also get an overview of Chinese travel trade and how to best approach them with information about your product. You will also learn Chinese visitors’ forms of travel that include group, students, family, seniors, and MICE.

Serving Chinese Visitors

Build rapport with Chinese travelers, what to do when meeting for the first time, their expectations of you, what you might expect from them, and how to deal with complaints and disputes. This section will provide guidance on simple gestures that will make Chinese guests feel welcome and respected.

References & Useful Tips

Tips to help you prepare for the Chinese traveler and maximize your impact in the market.
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Service Training

Understand the Expectations of your Chinese Guests

Chinese travelers are a very diverse market with varying needs and expectations depending on their travel experience, where they live, age and travel style. In this session you will learn key cultural hints that will you help make a lasting impression

How to prepare for your Chinese Guests

You will learn common gestures, like using appropriate names and phrases and how to handle conflict. You will receive examples of how to entertain your Chinese visitors and what they expect in terms of food and beverage and nightlife and entertainment.

Key Hints for making your Chinese Guests feel welcome

You will discover the do’s and don’ts of how to greet and present yourself to your Chinese guests. You will be taught greetings and common phrases. You will learn what signage is necessary and translation tips to better convey your message.
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F&B Training

China’s Food Culture

The role of food and cuisine in Chinese history, and the how food influences and shapes modern day Chinese culture.

Regional Chinese Food & Tea

Regional differences in cooking style, taste preferences, ingredients, and eating habits. Learn to anticipate your Chinese guests’ preferences based on where in china they come from. Also learn about the Chinese tea culture.

Chinese Table & Dinner Etiquette

Get an idea of what to expect when hosting Chinese restaurant guests, and how to be best prepared to be a great host to Chinese diners and make them feel welcome, respected, and at home.
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Retail Training

Shopping Habits of the Chinese Traveler

Why are the Chinese so keen on shopping in the US – what are their top shopping spots, what sort of goods and merchandise they are looking for and when are the major times of the year they will visit.

Chinese Consumer Characteristics

Shopping habits, and how their belief system influences their purchases and how social media influences their purchasing decisions.

Making Stores more Chinese friendly

Get an understanding of what would make your services more Chinese friendly, from Chinese speaking staff, and WiFi availability to visual displays. You will also get information on what payment source Chinese travelers’ use and useful retails tips.
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Hotel Training

Understanding the Chinese Travel Habits

Better understand your Chinese guests needs, by developing an understanding of their travel preferences: When do they travel, how do they travel, what do they prefer to see and do while traveling, and what payment methods do they prefer to use?

Chinese Consumer Characteristics

Understand the characteristics of the Chinese traveler, how to accommodate their belief system and other influencers. Learn the top concerns for choosing accommodations.

Prepare your Hotel for Chinese Travelers

Learn about amenities, decor, hotel signage, transportation and dispute resolution. Learn tips to help your Chinese guests feel more comfortable and welcome during their stay.
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Sales Training

Doing Business with China

Develop knowledge and understanding of the main motivations behind outbound travel in China, as well as the Chinese consumers’ decision making process, and apply this knowledge in the context of your business.

Supply Chain & Travel Trade

Understand the nuances of the Chinese travel trade, who they are and how they operate. Understand the different distribution channels. Strengthen your knowledge of online travel agencies (OTA’s) for today’s modern Chinese consumer.

Sales & Marketing

Work through key steps of engaging with the complex, but lucrative, China market. Sales and marketing staff learn how to effectively get their products and destinations in front of consumers in China.
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Digital & Mobile Training

Evolution of the Chinese Traveler

Learn about the progression of Chinese travelers from group to ‘conquerors’. Learn more about payments, how Chinese are traveling, and what they are spending on.

Online in China

Understand the boom of the internet in China and how it affects people’s lifestyle and behavior. Understand current user habits and top online activities and platforms. Understand key issues and challenges of developing an online presence for the Chinese market.

Mobile in China

Learn about the largest mobile phone market in the world, and see how China’s users have a strong preference for mobile over other devices. Learn how these habits and preferences affect consumer behavior, and what all this means for your marketing efforts in China.

Social Media

Get an overview of the Chinese social media landscape, key platforms, and how to best utilize them for different aspects of your communication to the Chinese market.

Top Travel Trends

Overall, understand the most important current China travel trends as a foundation to build your strategy through integration of digital and mobile channels with traditional trade and PR programming.
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